Somborelektro Ltd. Sombor is a trading company that specializes in selling: electrical, high voltage equipment, low voltage equipment, measurement, sensing and control technology, rotary machines, safety equipment, all kinds of lighting, tools, and hardware store, timber, ceramic products ...

Somborelektro Ltd. Sombor cooperates with a large number of clients in all areas of electric power, industry and other industries. Our offer includes a wide range of products of renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers such as: FKZ, Milic, Eaton, Noark, Tyco Electronics Raychem Aling Conel, Nopal Lux, Flame, Feman, Marel, Pestana, Koncar, Elektroporcelan, Pfiffner, Tectra, GE , Minel Schreder, Amiga, Sitel, Rudnap Group, Nelt, Holcim, Lafarge, Elektrovat-Enel, Dir, Elker, Rofix, Sintermetal, FEP, FMT, Betterman, painting ...

Somborelektro Ltd. Sombor is a distributor of foreign manufacturers TE CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS GMBH - Energy Division (thermo cable accessories) see more ...

Dealers are Noark production program in 2012. year.

Electric power cabinets KPK and POMM got a positive result on the test report to MCB Noark.


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