About us

Somborelektro Ltd. Sombor is one of the leading trading house of electrical material, electrical equipment and electrical plants in Serbia . Great diversification of our offer makes our presence on market highly competitive and successful. Twenty years of serious approach to customers, constant striving to increase the quality of services and the continued growth of our sales argumently recommend us as a responsible and reliable partner. Tradition and the results are behind us.

In line compliance with the development of the company, expanding the scope of operations and the introduction of new services, we formed the sectors of construction and electrical engineering, which accompanied and monitores continuously present quantitative and qualitative improvement of operational and human resources in a dynamic organizational climate. Cooperation with national and international partners clearly defined organization of business and long-term partnership with suppliers are also guarantee of the quality of our services.

Long - standing of business we have developed a good working relationship with many companies, expanding the product range we have become closer to customers, and increasing the number of experts recognized by the quality of our services. As regards our long year experience, we are able to offer a quality and proven solutions, and meet all the requirements of clients. Customers satisfaction and maintain a competitive advantage of products and services we provide, are at the center of all our activities.

Our partners are leading national and international companies from the field of electrical and construction materials. In collaboration with them through our engineering firms we create the most appropriate solution for each customer, we perform the most complex works and interventions supporting dynamic trends in the electrical and building technologies.


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