Human and technical capacity

In the firm Somborelektro Ltd. Sombor are about 200 workers employed, of that30 workers with university or college degrees. Also, for the works during the season, through engineering jobs and we employ up to 70 workers of all profiles.

Improving staffing portfolio and investment in the development of young professionals and managers as the holders of the company development for us is the imperative. Our managers are committed to building an organization in which the competence of staff will be equally important to the success of the business and the quality of the product or services we offer.

Management satisfaction of our best people, from who we seek instead of obedience the initiative, implemented through the system of motivation and education. We reward them for their achievements, enabling them to be trained in their specialized areas.

Despite the economic crisis, the workload is increasing, and thus the number of new employees in SOMBORELEKTRO, whose arrival always encourages the adoption and sharing of knowledge and as well open communication between employees and management of the company.

In addition to the administrative building, retail and wholesale facilities Somborelektro Ltd. Sombor with open storage area of 8800m2 and 1300m2 of indoor storage.

Somborelektro Ltd. Sombor owns trucks to transport various types of goods, various types of cranes and hoists, wheel loader, specialized tractors, forklift, etc..

Within the company concrete plant is located with all necessary auxiliary facilities and machinery, and the production facility in which reinforcement and metal works are carried, machine repairs, carpentry.


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